Requested Due Date & Confirmed Due Date

Hello Asana Community,

I’m curious if anyone has ever implemented a system that takes into account “requested due dates” and “confirmed due dates”.

Basically, I’d like an Account Manager to say “The requested due date for this task is Sept. 4 @ 2:00pm”, but then I want a designer to be able to go into a task and say “The actual confirmed due date (for when we can actually get this done) is September 5 @ 5pm”.

The source of truth for when a task will be delivered will be the “Confirmed Due Date”.

I’m trying to streamline communication so that Account Managers can articulate their requested turn-around time, but the actual time that gets promised (and can be relayed to the client) is the “confirmed” due date.

I’d love to know if anyone has done something similar and how they structured it within Asana so we can hopefully leverage those best practices. I’m unsure the best way to setup all the fields to optimize the workflow.

Many thanks in advance!

I would use a combination of custom fields: one for both dates, and one for the status, the status having various stages to allow the task to be bounced from the manager to the design.