Requested by, task field


Hello, is there any way to know who requested a task? Idealy a field “Requested” linked to members… Thanks.


Hi Patrick,
You can see who “created” the task in the task history, under the description.


Thanks but my question was who requested it, not who created it. For example, my boss asks me to do something, I am the creator of the task and the assignee, but where do I note who requested this task to be done?


Patrick, are you on a paid account? If you are, we use Custom Fields to create a “single point of authority” field (similar to your Requested By) to track who our point person is for requests.


I cannot find this type of field. We are on a 30 days trial plan, we have access to custom fields.


You need to create the custom field - take a look here:


Hello, yes I know how to create custom fields but I do not see how I can create a custom field that will list me my members list.


Create a “List” Field, and add your members to the list. That way you can select what member requested each item via the list. When exported, you can report on the data as well.


Ok, this members list cannot be dynamic when I will add members to my work space?


You can edit your custom fields at any time - If you click on “Manage Custom Fields” there is a little gear icon next to each custom field you have already added. It is very quick to add/remove to lists that already exist.


Ok thanks. That would have been nice to have a dynamic members list.