Request to Modify Calendar Colours



Doesn’t matter how many times I go to the calendar, the dark underline (or overline) on the first day of the month always makes me think that it’s “today”.
We are accustomed to seeing a horizontal line as a selector; and while a hue can also mark a selector, the lighter alpha compared to the much darker line draws much more attention!

The current day is a light blue hue which can be difficult to see on some screens - especially since screen blue light filters have become commonplace. (Even available in Windows 10 and phones inbuilt)

I would recommend changing the horizontal line to a vertical line on the left side of the first day of the month, as when scanning left to right with one’s eyes, this will indicate a “break” in the context of week/month.

(due to limit of one image)
Current Asana calendar on the left, and my proposed changes on the right!


Hi @Ari3 and thank you so much for sharing your feedback!

Quick question, are you seeing “today” highlighted in Blue in the web-app? Is this consistent across multiple browsers?


Hi @Marie,

Yes, I can see the same in Firefox and Chrome.
Looks like it is a design choice in the styling.