Request for Email to Task Improvement



My challenge:
When I email a task into asana it shows up in My Tasks and just blends into an existing and lengthy list.
This is a problem because it can be easily overlooked.

My proposed solution:
Send tasks to My Inbox instead of My Tasks.

Is there a way to do this?


I don’t think it could be My Inbox instead of My Tasks, because by definition My Tasks has all the tasks assigned to you. But it could be helpful to have any emailed task create a notification, which would go in My Inbox as well as the mobile app and email notifications. I don’t use email tasks, but I wonder for those who do whether it would be annoying or helpful to be notified of a task you assigned to yourself.


I use email tasks for about 30% of the tasks that I put in Asana (not just for myself). I’d love to have a notification that I made a task.

But I’m a little compulsive about keeping My Tasks organized so the email tasks don’t get plopped in a big pile.


Thank you for the reply, Craig. How do I create a notification for emailed tasks that shows up in Inbox?
Also, you said you don’t use tasks – interesting. How do you manage your to-do’s?



Sorry, I should have been more clear. I meant that the more feasible feature request is for a notification to be created for an emailed task, rather than asking for emailed tasks to be omitted from My Tasks.

And I meant that I don’t use emailed tasks. I definitely use tasks. :slight_smile: