Request: Additional Task Statuses



Hey guys,

Using Asana heaps now and recommended it loads as well.

Have a request relating to the Status of a Task…

Going an extra step from just Incomplete and Complete, but to add in an additional one or two options. These might include

  1. Cancelled - 2. Replaced - 3.

Obviously being able to filter the task or project list on these as well…

Quite often projects are created with certain tasks in mind… but for whatever reason the project is adjusted and tasks are either not required or are adjusted and replaced. This maintains the audit of the project so that a task that is no longer required can simply be cancelled thereby removing from the project screen when showing all Incomplete Tasks… Also it allows the project personnel to explain why a task has not been completed or why it was replaced in the task notes.

Task Status / Task Next Steps Feature

I like this idea @Chris_Ball. Clicking the current checkbox implies that the task was completed. When in fact, there could be a number of other factors.


@Chris_Ball, thank you for the feedback! Task Status is one of our most popular uses of Custom Fields – have you looked at creating a drop-down list with “Cancelled” and “Replaced” as options? You could search, sort and filter by those values, as well. I like the idea of setting a convention to add more detail around the change in status of the Task as well, or hyperlinking to a new Task if an old one was “Replaced”. Lots of great places this could go!


You could get a convetion going that a task could be marked as duplicate, even though it’s not literally what happened.
But I agree that the most viable solution is using a custom field.


I second having additional task status, or at least “canceled”: Cancelling a task is common. Marking it as done and then labelling, using a custom field (not available at free level) or adding a comment to it seems like a work-around. It should be simply marked as cancelled.


When I click to close a task it’s completed. But some of the tasks I’ve decided I won’t do as the priority have changed. When I review completed items what’s done I’d like to be able to see what was really done and what was not done. Can this be achieved easily with custom fields?


Our case is a bit different but an additional status would help us tremendously.

We have a software development environment. Tasks are new features or fixes/bugs with in a product “project.”

When the dev team completes a project, it is difficult to quickly see what needs to be tested. On the other hand, if the dev team does not mark a task complete, then it’s hard to see what has been done and needs testing.

The current Asana set up would work perfectly if there was a 3rd status that can be filtered just like completed and not completed can be now. If the field could be named for each project, then we could us “Testing” and others could use “Canceled” depending on the case.