Reports: Modifications done by team member X

I’d really like a report that will show me a list of tasks “touched” on a particular day or over a specific period by a specific person.

Reports does have a filter to see Modifications done “within x days”, “between x and x”, or “on x date” but this would be more useful if a further filter can be applied for Team Member.

This can help with instant workload re-distribution, see who is actively contributing to collaborations and on and on…

Hi @Natalie4 and thanks for this feedback, I agree that being able to run reports based on tasks stories; I know this is partially possible via our API, but this is definitely something I’d like to see built in the existing Report function! I’ve searched the Forum for similar threads but couldn’t find one matching yours, if I do in the future, I’ll make sure to merge them in to have better chances to see this feature request prioritized by our Product Team!

Have a great Friday! :slight_smile: