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Hello there!
I’m trying to find a way to export tasks reports or do advanced searches with the Column from which a task belongs.

Is there any way to do this on the UI or trough API integrations?



Have a look at for the export part! If that is not enough, I am able to build a custom dashboard!

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I happened to just try an advanced search today for this and was surprised that I don’t think it can be done there in the Asana UI. For a List project, the Advanced Search “Project” field values you enter get a dropdown menu valued with the sections, but the same field for a Board project has an empty dropdown menu.

The field is in the API and can be accessed in Asana2Go but not as easily as the “in_section” field I included to make that easier for List projects; I’ll add this to my list in case there’s an opportunity to make it easier for Boards. But for now, and using the API for example with a custom dashboard from @Bastien_Siebman, the Task’s Memberships array does include this info.



Well I’m stumped I can’t find which of the fields to add in asana2go that displays the column the task is in if you know could you please share. Thanks


I’m sorry, @jason.hale, I still have this on my backlog list to look into to see if it’s possible. All this works fine with List projects where Sections are like Columns, but I imagine this won’t help you. I’ll post again after I have a look. Thanks…


If Asana2go could extract the columns that would be fantastic I know bridge24 does but that just means another application step. Asana2go just makes it all really simple so definitely let me know.



@jason.hale, Thanks for the nice comment about Asana2Go!

The Section name is actually already in the data available to your A2G format; I’ve highlighted it below:

If the tasks you’re reporting on are only in one project, then you can just use:


which will deliver the Column name–exactly what you’re looking for.

The problem comes when the task has more than one membership and you’re not sure which array entry is the right one to use; for that I need to look into making a code change to try to make all this easier.

But if the first case works for you, you can get this working now without delay!




Fantastic thanks not sure how many times I went through that list and never noticed


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