Reporting Topics

Hi there, I have a couple of queries from a client specifically related to reporting. Hoping someone can assist.

  1. Can Gantt chart reporting be generated.
  2. Can reports be configured.
  3. Can project budget reports be run.
  4. Can Asana handle Agile reporting (if Agile methodology is used to run a particular project(s).
  5. Is traffic light reporting available for each project.

Hi @TTA_Office and welcome to the forum :wave:,

Some of these, such as the Gantt chart, can be accomplished through add-ins. Check out the integration with Instagantt ( Advanced reports can be configured based on a variety of variables. You may want to check out the blog on advanced reports ( or the reporting course on the Asana Academy ( Budgets are similar to time tracking in Asana. You can either use custom fields to manually enter time or cost and use the advanced reporting features in Asana or you can use and integration like Everhour ( I think I would need more information from you on what aspects of Agile and traffic light reporting to better answer you questions. But you may want to check out the blog on how to use Asana for Scrum or Agile. What kind of traffic light reporting are you referring to, status reporting? If so, you can use custom fields to note status and filter based on status or if you have portfolios you can monitor status of projects by updating the project status. Let me know if you have more questions. Some of this might be address through developer tools as well.



Thanks Katie, I think will be suffice for now for the client.

@TTA_Office, Asana2Go can be used to address all but the first item in your list here:

See also for more articles and videos on Asana2Go.

I offer custom report creation if you need assistance for reporting beyond what the provided standard reports offer; contact me by Private Message here or via the links above.


Also seen Velocity, the new kid on the block, and Bridge24. And if needed I can build you a 100% custom dashboard.