Reporting on Three Criteria

I am attempting to create a report/chart based on three criteria:
Priority (custom field)
Due Date
Completion Date

I have a goal to complete all Priority #1 tasks on time - Completion Date <= Due Date

I’m thinking it would be a Burnup chart, with X-axis being Priority #1 tasks, and the Y-axis being Date (shade 1 = Due Date, shade 2 = Completion Date)

Is this possible?


Asana has indeed burned charts, but the only possibilities for X-axis are time based. I believe what you need is a stacked bar chart, which Asana doesn’t have (yet).

Thank you Bastien.
Is there currently a way for me to compare the value of a due date field to the completion date of a task?

At the moment you can’t have in a field the number of days between completion and due date. You can use a 3rd party service, like mine, to have this value, but not natively in Asana (yet?).

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