Reporting is failing to identify tasks

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I have a report set up that hasn’t been amended and has a feed from a project, all filters have remained the same but now the report isn’t identifying some of the tasks. No issues with filters and everything has remained the same, the only difference I can think of is that it’s a newly created task. Also, it is saying that the status is different to what the actual tasks is.

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Having the same issues firm wide with separate reports not recognizing changes

Still not fixed for me… I have raised a support ticket 4 days ago and no reply yet. Have you managed to fix yours? Thanks

Hi @Ashley_Polizzi and @Jessica_Boaks, sorry for the trouble! We’ve received similar reports of issues with dashboard results not updating, but it seems to be intermittent. Can you confirm if after reloading the dashboard a couple of times the data updates? Our Support team is currently experiencing a high volume of requests, but I’ve asked them to track your case, Jessica.

Hi Vanessa, I have tried reloading multiple times, checked for updates on the app and restarted etc. but it’s just the same. Hopefully it’ll be resolved soon! Thanks

I’m also having this issue. We track sprints using reports that look for a custom tag. I’ve updated the custom sprint tag on multiple tasks, but the changes aren’t reflected in the sprint reports.

Noticed yesterday and it’s still an issue today. Have hard refreshed, etc, but no luck.


Our reports are still wrong. We found you can unassign and then re-assign and they push through but that’s not feasible for every one of them.



Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I have a chart in my dashboard in reports that’s not filtering correctly.

My filter should only show a list under Eric (QA Assignee) and Review in process (Order Availability) however, once i switch the status field for Review in process to a different one, it still show up in my chart.

I believe this is a bug as it works fine on other QA Assignee’s that i have.

Steps to reproduce:
It should be removed once the field has been switch to anything else except Review in process.

Browser version:
Google Chrome

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Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 12.48.35 PM

Hi @Jaro_Necesito, can you confirm if this issue persists in a different browser? Can you also reload the dashboard a couple of times to see if the data updates?

We would need more details about your specific dashboard setup in order to further investigate the problem, so I’d recommend contacting our Support team directly if the troubleshooting steps don’t work.

Please provide Support with uncropped screenshots of the project and dashboard views, as well as a detailed step by step to help them replicate it on their end. Thank you!

Hi everyone, our team has received a few similar reports and we are currently investigating this issue. As soon as I have any updates I’ll share here in the Forum. I appreciate your patience in the meantime!

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