Reporting/Dashboards: Headers and descriptive text

Request: In universal reporting and portfolio/project dashboards, allow users to create header “rows” with optional regular-text descriptions that can be placed between rows of charts.

Currently, users are just dropped into a reporting dashboard and, if they’re not already intimately familiar with the data, they have to spend a lot of time trying to understand what they’re looking at.

Additionally, the lack of layout and organization options often means that very different visualizations will be right next to each other, causing users to make assumptions that they’re related in way they aren’t.

I have never been able to send a dashboard to somebody without meeting with them to explain it and hoping they retain the information (spoiler: they won’t). In fact, I often forget what my intent was when visiting a dashboard I created some time ago.

It makes it difficult to create any reporting dashboards for leadership or other departments – some simple headers and descriptions would allow you to easily provide the necessary context, document your intent, explain what can be gleaned, and interpret the information much more quickly.


I agree @AdR , this would definitely be useful!
Got my vote.