Reporting by Creator when using Asana Forms

I am trying to run a report by the task “creator” for a particular project and it’s not working. Apparently when a Asana user uses the form rather than creating the task directly, its not adding the “creator” to the task and therefore the reporting is not working.

As a work around I created a custom field and have been populating the creator/form submitter name there thinking that I could use the “Custom Field” to report on the task creator. After several days of going back and forth with support, I find that my custom fields are not available for reporting either. :frowning:

I get a different suppport rep responding every time and still nobody has a suggestion for this “simple” request.

I sure hope somebody here can help! I do have a business account but that doesn’t seem to help get the support I need when there is an issue.

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That’s because the task is not created by the person submitting the form, because they could be someone without an Asana account and it wouldn’t make sense to invite them automatically.

What report do you want to do? Because you can sure report by a custom field but only of type dropdown (and not text)…


I created a custom field called “submitter” and I’m using a 3rd party tool (Flowsana) to fill in the submitter field
and I was trying to filter by this.

This is very helpful! What support did not tell me (while going back and forth for days!) is that this field must be a dropdown.
It worked! I’m so thankful. Thank you!


I still got it then :muscle: :metal:

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