Report Writer For Asana- An Entrepreneur Challenge


Some creative entrepreneur needs to use the API and write a comprehensive user friendly report writer. I took the plunge with and thousands of dollars of programming time later we are about to launch. This would be a very big project but it certainly would fill a current gap. It would be a lot like the Advanced Search but with significant improvement in the printed output which is quite messy in printout form but very nice in most areas in Advanced Search form although I recall we have commented on missing project or Team name in the output requiring naming conventions.


What an interesting idea!

We’ve heard a lot of requests for reporting, but generally it seems that many organizations have their own individual ideas for what reporting means to them. I’d love to hear if you @James_Carl1, or anyone really, for what would be valuable in general-purpose reports!

A good place to start might be to look at asana2sql, either for pulling data down to generate reports from an offline SQL database or to see how a very “broad” integration that accesses a lot of data might get started.