Report on Tags?

We are a small-to-medium size agency that works with 20-30 recurring clients each year. We use each projects to represent a department. Then we use Tags to indicate which client a task is for. 99% of tasks only have one Tag.

We would like to see a breakdown of Tag usage – how many tasks were completed for client X, client Y, etc. Is there a way to do this? I was imagining like a pie chart of tag usage within each project, but am totally open to ideas here. This is important for us to do resource planning, and we’d love to pull the data from Asana rather than implementing a lame secondary tracking system.

Thank you very much!!

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Welcome to the Community Forum @anon93638057!

You can create a report of all tasks associated with the tag and then export your report to see a breakdown by client and create charts. You can do this following these steps:

You can also create a report using our Advanced Search feature to include more parameters in your report.

I hope this helps!

That helps! Thank you!

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Is there no way to report on tags under the “Reporting” section using charts?


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