Report on specific projects with a custom field X axis only pulls from first project

I’m not sure if this is a bug or I just haven’t configured something correctly.

I’ve created a custom field for all my projects called ‘job role’ so that I can create reports that show me how many copywriting tasks and design tasks, etc, are coming up. When I create a report, I tell it to pull from specific projects and I’d like to see the task numbers by job role that will come due in the next couple weeks so I know how heavily each team will be impacted in the near future. However it’s only picking up the tasks from the first project that I list, and none of the others. See the attached screen grabs showing the report not picking up on one of the projects.

How do I get the report to show me all the tasks for each job role for all the selected projects?

Hi @Olivia_Landau
Welcome to the community… I tried something similar and it worked okay for me…

The only thing I was thinking when I first saw your graph was the task in T0015 start date wasn’t within the between dates. But I tried that on my graph and it still picked it up.

Can you try removing the Due Date Filter and see if it includes all of the task, might help it determining where the problem might exist.




Hi Jason,

Thanks for getting back to me! Yes, when I removed the task due dates more tasks appear, but they’re all still for T0013 (first project). All removing the due date filter did was show every task in that one project.

If I remove ALL of the projects from the list and all the data points disappear, then add a new singular project, no data appears which I thought was odd.

So then I went back to the X axis selection and had to re-select ‘job role’ which had the word ‘Local’ in front of it.

I think something is going on there. But I’m not sure how to get around it. My guess is that it’s only picking up the job role custom field from one project and is considering that job role field from other projects as something completely. This seems to be the case regardless which project I try it on. Is there a way to make the custom field universal in all my projects?

Hi @Olivia_Landau

Can you check if the Custom Field that you are using is an Organisation wide Custom Field or a Project Only field.

The first two parts in this guide describe the difference…

My assumption is they are project fields only. So from a report view point the field doesn’t exist in the second project even though it has the same name

Hope this helps


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