Report iOS bug

How do I report iOS bug?
I have a screen recording that shows the issue I am experiencing. How can I share it?

Hi @Mike_Ramirez,

You’ve posted in the specific forum section for the App Components Beta for Asana developers. Is your bug related to the App Components Beta? Or is it related to the overall Asana API (programming interface)? Or simply to the Asana iOS app?

Hi Phil,
Thanks for the reply. It was just meant for the iOS app itself. Is it possible to link me there?
The community isn’t mobile friendly to say the least and a phone the only device I have access to for a while.


No problem - I moved this thread to the “Report a Bug” area. Go ahead and post the details of your issue. The forum doesn’t support direct uploading of videos (I don’t know the reason for that) so you’ll have to store the video someplace public and provide a link to it.

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