Report grouped by Assignee with Subtasks looks buggy

I have a report that filters to a specific project and groups by Assignee and includes Subtasks. A month ago it was working fine, but something changed in the last few weeks so that now there are a whole lot of interspersed “Unassigned” groupings all throughout the report for any unassigned subtasks. It makes the report essentially useless.

Hi @chrismo and sorry to hear about that!

From what I understand, you’re running an advanced search for all tasks & conversations in your "Active3 project, and then you sort your search results by assignee, correct?

Were your subtasks always assigned to one of these assignees? If they used to, could you check the task history and check when and who unassigned it?

Looking forward to your reply!

I’ve tried recreating it in a sample project and have been unable to thus far, I’m not sure what the magic combination is.

It definitely seems related to a mix of assigned tasks and unassigned ones for subtasks and the parent task. I can temporarily recreate it in the report when changing some of the assignments - the report itself auto-updates and creates new “Unassigned” groups in between actual assignee groups (which is the problem). However on a refresh of the report in this Sample project everything is fixed, and there’s only the single “Unassigned” group at the bottom of the report.

But in my real project, a full refresh of the report still leaves hanging “Unassigned” groups through the other groups.

I’ll see if I can find some more time to play with it and get it to recreate in isolation.

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Thank you so much @chrismo ! If you can isolate which pattern trigger this issue, feel free to file a bug in #bugs:report-a-bug and I’ll be more than happy to escalate it to our Development Team! Marking this specific thread resolved for now, but please reach out again about this if you need to!

Thanks again for your help, we really appreciate it!

I got used to not using this report, but went back this week and checked it out and it’s back to working again. Something y’all did must have fixed it.