@-reply should limit search to project members


I have 20-30 different projects, each with roughly 5 members. That is total over 100 different members.

When I @-reply to a comment and write a name, very often I get 3-4 people with the same first name and it’s very easy to make the mistake of replying to the wrong person.

The @-search inside project or team conversations should limit the search to existing members of that project or team. Or at the very least, show them further down below some divider so it is clear that these are not members of the project.

Here’s a video demonstrating this problem: https://goo.gl/UNdX83


I think it should be the way they do it for tasks/subtasks in task dependencies - all things being equal, they show the tasks that are in the task, then project, then team, then organization. So if I have 5 tasks that are like ‘record voiceover’ - the first one shown is the one in the project, then the others are in other projects, etc.

I think accounts/names should be done similarly if they’re not already =)


We hear your feedback, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Here at Asana we have several people who share the same name. We solve the problem of multiple people with the same name by ensuring that everyone lists their first and last name in their profile or uses a unique nick name like so.


Yes, Alexis, but it is a potential disaster waiting to happen when we have
several clients with whom we are discussing confidential information, if it
is as easy as today to just select the wrong person with a wrong click.

Especially when we have several freelancers and employees talking to many
different clients.


We understand and we are taking your concerns seriously. Thank you for providing that feedback and helping us understand your concerns.