'reply in asana' email call to action button has no URL

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In our notification emails, the ‘reply in asana’ call to action button has no URL. the text ‘view in asana’ does though.

Steps to reproduce:
Open notification email
Click ‘reply in asana’ button

Browser version:
Outlook desktop

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?
Business (I think)

Upload screenshots below:

Just spotted this is working ok in outlook in the browser so the issue appears to be with outlook only. suspect its our overzealous email scanning software!

Users in my organization is also reporting this issue starting today. The blue button “Reply in Asana” is appearing as a regular, selectable text box instead of a clickable link when viewing an Asana notification in the Outlook client. When viewing in the web-based Outlook application, the link is clickable.


Hi everyone, thank you for reporting this issue and sorry for the trouble. I’ve escalated this case for investigation and will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Hi Ambassadors,

Recently, when an email notification is sent to a team member regarding a task, the Reply in Asana button doesn’t work.

Any idea?

We had the same issue yesterday. Seems like it is working again today - perhaps Asana fixed it?

yep, working for here us today too.

Our organization’s users are also reporting that this issue appears resolved today. The link is now clickable in the Outlook client.

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Thank you for confirming, everyone! I’m closing this case for now, but let me know if you need anything else.

Our users are experiencing this issue. Is there a ETA for a permanent fix?

Hi @Terry_Reich, sorry to hear that you are still having trouble. To clarify, the fix only applies to new email notifications, but unfortunately notifications generated before the fix will still not work. In that case, we recommend opening the email in the browser rather than in the app. Apologies for the inconvenience!


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