Reply emails using


When I receive a reply to my emails while using, the reply is created as a duplicated task in asana. Is there a way to have email replies created as a conversation to a original task sent? Or have options. option 1: reply as conversation to original task or option 2: reply and create as a separate task


I don’t think this is possible. The function is designed to convert emails into tasks. If you reply to the email and include x@ again it’ll create another version of the task. So for this reason I don’t recommend including x@ in the reply.


Thank you. The issue is when other people “reply all” to my email, their reply becomes another task version. Then it causes excess work for me since I would need to delete that created task from asana. Is there another available feature where I can email from my gmail account “creating a task” and the responder “follower” can reply without duplicating the task? while still keeping the response data in the the original task. I’m assuming the answer is still no, but I’m hoping there’s another option since everyone likes using their gmail accounts.


Why don’t you put the x@ in Bcc so when they reply it won’t be included?


Ok. I’ll try that. Thank you.