Replacing document in posted project status

Hey there,

I mistakenly added an incorrect document to a recently posted project status update. I attempted to edit the status update, however, only the text seems to be editable, not the document attachments. Can someone confirm whether docs attached to status updates can be removed/edited?


@Zofia_Mrozowska I have confirmed this beavior. @Marie & @Emily_Roman is this behavior expected? It seems you can highlight and select the attachment but you are unable to delete it.

@Zofia_Mrozowska for the time being you might have to copy your updates elsewhere, delete the status update, and paste over your details to a new status update.

Hi @Zofia_Mrozowska and @Jerod_Hillard and thanks for the report!

I’ve filed a task to investigate this behaviour, but my hunch is that this is a bug. I’ll keep you posted here as soon as I have an update on my end!

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