Replace custom field with one from organization's library


I ran into an issue where someone added a custom field to a template that then got used repeatedly. I would like to be able to replace that field with one from a library as adding it to the library from one project doesn’t add all of them to the library…

If I’m totally off base and this is possible please let me know how. :slight_smile:

@Will.S I don’t believe this is possible currently (i.e. you aren’t off base :wink: )

I assume the custom field added to the templates wasn’t a global field (part of the library) so each of the projects created from the template now have their own “version” of a project-specific field now unrelated to one another. As you are likely experiencing, it can be quite the lift to manually correct this issue where you have to add the global field and copy the data over.

It is a lot less time consuming with dropdowns since you can sort by the current field and then perform a bulk select change. line by line for text and number fields unless you see a lot of similarities in the values where the sort will work the same way.

You got my vote for a more automated way to “convert” or “merge” from one field to another!

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@Bastien_Siebman?? Don’t you think that would make an awesome utility for your collection?

Not only could you allow the user to select a source and target custom field and copy the data, but you could get even fancier and look for project-specific fields that have the same name as a library field, show those to the user and ask if they want to replace the project one with the library one.


@Phil_Seeman for President!

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While I appreciate the add-on tools, companies, such as my own, wouldn’t allow their use as it exacerbates questions around security for SaaS implementations. This is why I advocate leaning on product feedback over other avenues. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: if someone needs it, and is ok to use a 3rd party I could! That is not the case here :slight_smile: