Repeating Tasks not repeating unless completed

Hi there!

I also would like to see something along these lines.

My example: I am working on a social media calendar and have generic posts that we would like to plan for every Tuesday. Instead of having to create a task for EVERY Tuesday, I would love if I could set not necessarily a “recurring” task, but something I see as a “repeating” task that is not dependent on the previous Tuesday’s task.

This would be a great additional feature if it is possible!


Probably a desired feature, but a killer one for us. We implemented asana as task manager in our company, but we just realized we can’t use this feature. Is there any plan to implement it? It’s pretty important for us and I might push us into considering a different tool. Thank you

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Asana usually gives no clue about their roadmap…

This is a real bummer, as we’ve really been utilizing Asana’s Workload feature to track team bandwidth. If I can’t put in time for weekly status meetings (between multiple clients), I can’t track future bandwidth accurately.

Just want to put in another vote for recurring tasks based on due date rather than completion date. Please implement this!


Vote for this one also


The lack of this might be a dealbreaker for us continuing with Asana. We update our client websites on a monthly basis. I want to see a project plan for the year ahead and need to see the task as a monthly occurrence


You could take a few minutes to create all occurrences for the year to come?

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A few minutes??? Yea right. This is a deal breaker for our company; whom will not be purchasing premium or using the free version because this simple feature is obviously being held back. The entire point of having colaborative task lists is so that multiple people can work on one list. What if one list is to swap between two employees on alternate days? One employeedoesn’t finish their work, so the other one can’t even start theirs on the following day? Ghe fact that the previous days work was not completed makes it even more important for the list to roll over… sorry, but their must be at least one person on the dev team who is smart enough to forsee this issue. I assume they are purpisefully holding this feature back.


I’m surprised there aren’t more votes for this!

Our use case: social media monitoring for multiple teams. We are assigning a task to monitor social media for a bunch of teams – each team task needs to repeat every 6 days. The task is that they are responsible for checking our social media for the day. If the team lead forget to check off the task, then all of their dates are off for the rest of time.


One of the main reason we are using Asana is for work planning purposes and like all the others above, recurring task that is not showing up on timeline or the calendar is a huge issue.


Does “Monday” do this? If it does, it very well may become an “issue”…

If you create all the occurrences for a year, you will still have a whole bunch of non completed tasks

I need this feature for content management.

If I want to do a video about
Apples on Monday
Bananas on Tuesday
Carrots on Wednesday
Donuts on Thursday

If I miss a day, I want to be able to see in the calendar, it was missed and move on. Then the following week, start over.

I can imagine there are a million other “task oriented” uses for something like this and strangely may actually be a deal-breaker for me

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I am confused, that is what you want isn’t it? I might be working soon a tool to do this in Asana A tool to create "recurring" tasks appearing in calendars

My team desperately needs the ability to create repeating tasks that are not reliant on completion.

Use case:

For planning and strategy purposes, my content team creates placeholder tasks that can be customized by the assignee. For example, I’d like to be able to create:

  • “social media” task that repeats daily, M-F
  • “blog post” task that repeats weekly on Wednesday
  • “email” task that repeats every other Thursday

Thanks for considering! :slight_smile:


I am in the exact same position. The task needs to repeat and then I can put the content in that I want to use.
If you have a content plan and it’s a repeating task with different content and you’re planning out a week or two weeks in advance. I want the tasks in place with content so If I need to move content out I can drag and drop. ugh… this is just a dumb restriction.
It’s pointless to finish a task first and then only be able to set the content for the next one. Especially when planning ahead.

When I look at the history of this topic and see how arrogantly it is ignored by Asana developers it raises my frustration to the max. Maybe it is time to switch to ClickUp. I continue hear how responsive their team is – and it is very easy to make the switch.
Don’t get me wrong. My first choice would be to stay with Asana. But – think about it – Asana has no problem processing my credit card for payment each month so its obvious they are paying attention – you would think that they would be more attentive to these customer concerns.

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I agree with the comments here - This strikes me as one of those Bugs masquerading as feature scenarios. There are far more reasons why you would simply want to have a task repeat on Days X & Y Weekly, with an ETA end date for that re-occuring task - without having to complete a task before being able to see the next.
Given how long this has been an issue, really surprised it’s not been addressed.

Same here. For content planning this could be a deal breaker. I can’t believe something this simple isn’t fixed or a toggle to turn it on/off.

I hope at some point they fix this.

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