Repeating Tasks not repeating unless completed

Hi, I’ve been searching your forum and topics and couldn’t find an answer to this or a response with a plausible workaround so posting a new topic.

Currently, if I set a task to be repeating every Monday it doesn’t repeat on Monday unless I’ve completed it first, which means in may miss a Monday if don’t complete it by Monday. I see this is a flaw. If you set it to be repeated on Monday it should just repeat on Monday.

It creates issues for us because if a task (or sub-task of the parent) is held over and the parent is not completed it doesn’t fire off a new copy on Monday like it should.

Is there a workaround for this? I couldn’t see a suggestion in the forums for how to practically manage this problem.

If not, I think a simple suggestion would be to add a tick box in the “repeating tasks” options section that simply says “Repeat even if not completed Y/N”. And if ticked as “Yes” then it’ll fire off another copy on Monday. Make sense?

I can understand both scenario. If you did not complete the last task, why bother pushing you a new one? I think there is currently no workaround…

Thanks for your reply.

A simple use-case is a bookkeeper. They have to do a monthly tax reconciliation with their clients. While the client may be delaying the completion of the last tax cycle they have to start the next cycle regardless. If it fires off late then they risk falling behind in their tax obligations with the government. There are serious implications to that falling over.

Another in our business is the weekly video blog that we put out. Need to start the same cycle each week to have it done by the same day. If one is delayed because an employee is sick for example, doesn’t mean we don’t kick off the next cycle on time. Otherwise, we risk falling further and further behind in our schedule.

I’ve had repeating tasks stop because someone hasn’t completed the last one by accident, and the new one doesn’t fire off so the whole cycle just falls down and until someone picks up on the mistake, but then its too late. And there is no notification in Asana to tell your repeating task hasn’t fired off again.

The point is, there are a tonne of use-cases where people need that functionality. Just because we can’t imagine “why” doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of applications out in the real world where it isn’t needed. Its been a bugbear for me. I’ve so often had repeating tasks fall through the cracks because the last one wasn’t completed by a team member.

Point in case, the top example above for the bookkeeper is for one of our clients (who is a paying Asana premium customer) who is about to stop using Asana because its a major issue for them, and currently there is no workaround. They have 100+ customers that need the next tax cycle to fire off each month without fail. But then they have about 7 task templates that need to be firing off so it becomes a multiplicity problem, which they manually have to work-around. The lack of functionality creates an unnecessary admin overhead that they didn’t have before.

I hope that helps explain it. I think just adding the functionality like suggested in my original post would give the user the choice of how they want it to work and make Asana a much better solution for real-world scenarios.


Your examples make sense :+1: your post is in the right place in the Product Feedback category!

I’d also love to see an option for tasks repeating without completion. My use case:

I wanted to use the Asana Calendar function to plan out the dates for my content. We have 6 different types of content and they all repeat at different intervals. I wanted to set each type as a repeating task so I could easily see what date they fell on. I’ll now have to turn to something like a spreadsheet or Google Calendar instead.

In addition, each piece of content is a task with subtasks. Due dates for the first subtasks for one piece of content are due before all the subtasks of a previous piece of content are complete.


@Dean_Crabb the only workaround I’ve found (and it is far from perfect) is to set up two repeating tasks that leapfrog one another. So if I have a task that needs to be done weekly, I set up Task A for Week 1 and it repeats in two weeks. Then I set up Task B for Week 2 and it repeats in two weeks. So that gives you a week “buffer” if a task is running late.

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Does a repeating task necessarily depends on the past one?
Dependency conceptually could be an additional parameter

I also would like to see this implemented. Much like in @Jill_Schoff’s case, I would like to use Asana for content planning. We have several sell sheets and emails that happen weekly. On top of that we need to accommodate other requests often, so having full visibility of what is on our team’s plate is key for this.

Right now I’m setting up these tasks manually and it’s becoming very time consuming.

I love that Asana keeps improving, hopefully this one makes it on the list soon!


Agh! Totally throws me into a recurring problem! I need to do tasks every week, but I need them to be completed individually, and not necessarily in order. If I get behind, I might leave a few undone, and come back to them later… the way recurring tasks seems to work here is really odd!

To be specific, I need to do many things such as upload an audio podcast to a server.
That task is repeating every week, but the most important one is the current one. So, it is possible that things could get backed up a couple weeks… I need all the not done weeks to be visible as late tasks, and be able to still do newer ones. I even want all the instances in the future to be visible, and be able to reassign specific weeks to someone else if I’m away.

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BIG vote for this one. Not being able to see what dates repeating tasks fall on makes long-term calendar viewing very difficult. And creating individual tasks is extremely time consuming. Our team has dozens (yes, dozens) of repeating tasks assigned to different people all at different intervals, and there are too many meetings where we’re trying to line everything up in the future and it’s impossible so we use a secondary spreadsheet which completely defeats the purpose of a project management app.

Please, Asana team - would love to see an improvement here. :pray:


I should add, too, that this would probably only work if you gave the repeating task an “end date” - which I’d be totally ok with!

I have the same issue - a monthly checklist that needs to repeat without dependency on the prior month’s completion. One (clunky) workaround I’m using for now is to highlight/copy the task name of the task I need to regenerate even though is not complete. Mark the task complete > refresh screen so task regenerates. Now with the new task created I paste the original task title in the search bar > search/find the ‘completed’ task and change to ‘incomplete’. Now both tasks exist. Certainly not perfect but this only happens for me on occasion so is a viable solution until Asana incorporates the ‘dependency y/n’ option as wisely suggested on this comment thread.

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Being able to schedule an ‘end date’ for repeating tasks would be great!

I second this. It’s a disaster - if somebody forgets to mark a task as complete that day, why should we be punished and additionally have it screw up our tasks ?? Argh. With so many repeating tasks this turns into a disaster, and now part of my weekly routine is to fix all of the incorrect repeating tasks. Engineers, you are not understanding this from a normal user’s perspective at all

I agree - I’m trying to make an annual calendar that tracks all of the operational tasks that we need to complete annually, monthly, weekly… This is impossible to do with the way that recurring tasks currently work! But it would be awesome to be able to do this in Asana – I’d love to be able to store information in Asana about how we do these recurring tasks so that they remain for next year.

As of May 2019, I believe this is still not fixed by the Asana product team. The workaround I use (far from perfect) is to check off the task in the Calendar pane, and wait for it to appear in the next date it needs to. I keep doing that until I have the next month’s tasks visible in the Calendar pane.

If anyone has a better way to manage this, I’d welcome the feedback.

I would not be so sure this is seen as a bug for them :grimacing:

I am so surprised that Asana’s team hasn’t come out with a clean workaround for this one. We are an accounting firm and we have recurring tasks that have to be done irrespective of the status of the previous one. We have been eyeing Asana for over a year but we cannot make a plunge for this “one” missing feature. If i want to see what we have to do next week/month and do not see the recurring tasks, the list is plain useless. Most calendars (gmail/outlook) show recurring tasks as you scroll from week to week, month to month. Like somebody suggested, have a checkbox to add a new task whether or not the previous is completed. Let us decide and not force your process on us.

Anybody have any idea on how to get Asana team’s attention on this issue?

I would not be so sure this is an issue and not a desired feature :grimacing:

I’m so disappointed to find out that this issue has not been resolved yet. You say it is “as designed” but it simply doesn’t make sense to those of us who are used to recurring meetings/tasks in Outlook or Google Calendar. Asana was recommended to me as a way of tracking my routines and schedules, all of which are repeatable tasks, but none of which are dependent on my completing the previous one. For example, If i want to vacuum every 3 days, workout every 3 days, and Review my weekly Planner on a weekly basis, if I miss one or two, I still need the next recurrence to appear on my Asana calendar! This makes absolutely no sense. I’m going back to Microsoft Outlook to put them in there… Please change this!!

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