Repeating subtasks automatically duplicate when completed

Every time I mark a repeating subtask as complete, it becomes duplicated and as a result I get an ever-lengthening subtask list. I would prefer that every time I mark a repeating subtask as complete, only the upcoming subtask is displayed, while the completed ones are not. Is this possible? Thank you!

Hi Sebastian,
I didn’t find this kind of functionality. However when list of completed task will be longer, they will be collapsed.
I suggest to use main level of project view for repeating tasks.

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for your answer. When you say the main level of project view, do you mean converting the subtasks to normal tasks? Is this the only way? I would prefer to keep them as subtasks.

The functionality I’m using is in the task view on the right pane. I ran a small test to see whether the subtasks would eventually collapse as you mentioned, but no luck.

You were right, it doesn’t collapse - it works like this only with graphics feedback (as subtasks) - sorry for that.
I meant main level as main list - normal tasks. In this case I don’t see better way. May be you can explain why is it important to keep it as subtask?

Hi Sebastian,
I found one of my “normal” task with 22 subtask and I have it collapsed.

, @Marie could you please help us with this thread?