Repeating Entries in the calender



Hi all, newbie here. I dont get how I can get calender entries to repeat. I can see that you can mark an items as complete then it will re-appear after 7 days. However this leaves me with 2 issues :slight_smile:

  1. What is I want it to repeat say annually or monthly
  2. Do I really need to make it as "complete: before the next entry will be made in the calender. Say for instance its a reminder to pay a supplier on the 30th of the month. If Iforget to make it as complete I wont ever get reminded again.

Surely there is a better way…

Thanks alot


Hi Renee,

Welcome to the Community! We’re so glad you’re using Asana and that you’ve joined us here.

I’ll start by providing resources on recurring tasks in Asana:

Regarding your questions, it is indeed possible to create a monthly recurring task. Simply select the option to repeat “Monthly” at the interval you choose. And at this time, yes it is necessary to mark a task as complete before the next entry. It’s helpful to hear your feedback on this.

I hope this is helpful! Let me know if you have more questions.