Repeated but evolving projects/templates



I’m new to Asana and am trying to figure out whether it will be suitable for the needs of our team.

We will have a project for which we will constantly add tasks and then check them off as they are completed. Let’s say we start with 0 tasks, then slowly add (and complete) about 100 tasks. After about 3-4 months, the whole process will repeat itself and we will start from the beginning, but now we want to use the 100 tasks that we had identified as a starting point (and potentially add more in the process). In other words, we need to template that is not fixed at the beginning but will constantly evolve.

Is this possible to do in Asana and, if so, how? Obviously we can create templates, but if these templates are not known at the start and only evolve throughout the life of a project, how can you best achieve this?



If you make your project a template then it can still evolve, modifications can be made by the owner of the template.

Or, in Asana you can copy a project. Thus, once you need to start again your process, you make a copy of the most up to date project with all the needed tasks. To do so, in the left panel, click on the dots next to the project’s name, and select copy, then choose the copy options you want.


Copy then change what you want to keep or delete . That’s so easy