Repeat task on specific day (every monday, not every 2nd day)


Now it’s only possible to set a repeat interval for a monthly task to a specific day of that month (for example: 3rd day). I’d love the same option as for weekly reminders: every month on Monday (not date-related).


Great suggestion, @Desire_van_den_Beld. Although it’s not a perfect solution, you could use the “Weekly” option and then set for every 4 weeks on a specific day of the week. There’s a month or two where it would fall too early or two late, but hopefully this could get you closer to the recurrence you need.


I agree! I could definitely use a repeating feature that allowed you to select ‘every 3rd Thursday of the month’ for example.


Yes! I have meetings that are the first and third Tuesday, and then the third Thursday. It would be awesome to set my “meeting prep” reminders.


Yes need this for payables