Reordering Kanban list


We use Asana for scrum. We have our backlog, then start adding tasks to a board. However, the tasks are ordered on the board in the order they were added to it. So newest would be on top. We want to add them in the order we want them done. If we add task 1 and then task 2, we want task 2 to be under task 1 on the board, not vice versa. Is there a way to do this without creating the extra work of going into the board and dragging and dropping them in order?



Hi @Chris_Quigley,

This sounds like something which could be automized with

@paulminors is a great expert with Zapier. He can tell you if it is possible and how much work goes into it.
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So the order would be based on their name @Chris_Quigley?


Thanks for the reply @Sebastian_Paasch, the order would be in the order they were added. So we would have multiple people in a sprint. Each time we take a task from our backlog, which is a list, we would add it to the sprint which is a board. So let’s say we have task 1, task 2 and task 3. We add task 2 to be done first, then we add task 1, We would want task 2 on top, then task 1 under task 2. Currently it would be task 2 then task 1. I know this seems trivial, but we are working with large teams across multiple businesses with many tasks. It could easily become cumbersome to re order them by hand.


Thanks for the reply. I am familiar with Zapier. I will check it out and see what can be done. I will reach out to Paul Minors if I am unable to. Thanks for the help.


So you problem is that new task in a board are added at the top, is that it? I just want to narrow down the issue because I did not get it at first :slight_smile:


Hey @Chris_Quigley, unfortunately I don’t think Zapier is the solution as there are no actions that allow us to control the order of tasks on a board.


Hi @Chris_Quigley,

How do you transfer the tasks? One at a time?

I tried a test and found that if you order the tasks the way you like in the first project (your backlog) and then multiselect them all and change the project, they’ll go to the board project in the same order they were in.

Select the tasks:

  • image

Click the Pencil and type in the new project:

  • image

Order preserved in new project:

Hopefully I interpreted what you were attempting correctly. Let me know if you have questions.