Reoccurring Subtasks


I have a main task (ex: YearEnd Reminder), which I then have multiple subtasks under with due dates that are attached to other projects. So my main task never actually completes itself. I set it up this way because it makes my project board much cleaner, however now within that task it looks like a complete mess because the subtasks are renewing but they still show the greyed out version of the completed task. Am I missing a step to clean this up?


Hello @Amie,

There is no way to filter out the incomplete subtasks of a task.



Hi @Amie. I have a few suggestions for you. While it’s not necessarily possible to hide the completed tasks, there is a nifty workaround. If a subtask list is long enough, the bottom of the list is hidden and you have to click to view more. I suggest that you create a “Completed” section at the bottom of your subtask list, and nest all completed subtasks underneath it. When your list gets long enough,that completed section will likely be out of view.

Another option is to save an advanced search for your incomplete tasks, so you don’t have to clutter your view with greyed out completed tasks.

Would either of these options work for you?