Rename Tips and Tricks to Help?


First: congrats to asana on using the best forum software out there! (I’m also running a forum on discourse!)

But I’ve had some trouble understanding which category to use for a troubleshooting/ help request. I figured it would be Tips and Tricks, but if this is so, I think the word help or support should be in the category name. If tips and tricks should be a separate category, I’d suggest a new category more focussed in support.


Hi @Christoph! I’m the Community Manager here at Asana. Thanks for the positive feedback about Discourse! Isn’t it great? What forum are you running?

Also helpful to hear your thoughts on the topic titles. People have been posting about ~bugs~ in the Product Feedback category and ~troubleshooting/how do I do X in Asana~ in the Tips and Tricks category. The goal of the Community as a whole is to create a space for Asana help, which explains why we don’t use the word specifically in the category. However, you will notice that the Tips and Tricks category’s description specifies that this is a place for Asana help.

I hope this context is helpful. Please let me know if you have other thoughts.


How about “troubleshooting” then?

Tips, tricks and troubleshooting


I don’t think Troubleshooting should mix with Tips and Tricks but that is all debatable.

Discourse is powerful for search and forum category structure so it can be customized very well to fit each use case.