Removing unwanted options from side-bar. Too many "default permanent but not useful" options

I realize we all will have different needs and preferences regarding that side-bar, but I think most of us can agree that there are a handful of options on the side bar that we can’t get rid of, and we wish we could.

Our usage of Asana is getting pretty expansive and screen pixels are becoming hot real-estate even on a 40-inch monitor. In my case, there are a number of things up at the top of the screen in “Prime Time” real estate that I literally never, ever use. See the ones marked out in red.

How about giving us an option to “Hide this selection” or “Archive this selection”.

Maybe in a perfect world, advanced users would be able to rearrange their own sidebar on a custom level, or perhaps give the account Admin the ability to fine-tune the whole sidebar across the entire enterprise for all users.


I suggest using Tab+O to hide the sidebar completely and then using Tab+I for inbox and Tab+Z for My Tasks.


Also here is an existing feedback request thread that I recommend upvoting. @Matt5


Heres a little Workaround: Activate Dev-Tools, choose the Menu items you don’t want, set to display: none;

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