Removing my task project drop downs



The project section drop downs within the My Tasks page is visually unappealing and makes things confusing. Is there a way to remove these buckets and group all tasks together instead?


I don’t believe there’s a way to remove those groupings, unless you use the Change View dropdown (near the top right in the header of the tasks list in your screen shot) to change the sort to Likes, say.

But I suspect many of us collapse the Later heading and almost never open it. I notice in your screen shot you have only New and Later headings. If you click those blue dots on the right you’ll see options to move the task to Today or Upcoming and then those groupings will appear. It’s recommended to triage New tasks into Today, Upcoming, or Later. I only put tasks in Later if I either first give them a Due Date (which will cause them to move into Upcoming a week out or Today a day out), or decide I basically want to ignore them.

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi Software