Removing a guest and reassigning tasks

I have a member of our organization who’s been using her guest account instead of her member account. I want to remove her guest account and reassign all tasks to her member account.

I tried testing this with an inactive guest. I removed him and told Asana to reassign all his tasks to me. I then deleted the new project that Asana makes called “so and so’s previously assigned tasks.” But after that, his tasks no longer were assigned to me, the didn’t have anyone assigned. Was deleting that project the problem?

@Julien_RENAUD is the best when it comes to replacing a guest account with a member account.

Hi @Deb_Gallagher

The project created should contain all the tasks unassigned because the account id deleted.
By multi selecting them you can reassign them quickly. Once reassigned, you delete the project and the tasks will still belong to the other project they were belonging to.

Another solution is merging accounts.
Have you tried merging the guest account and the member account?
You just need to follow those steps:


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Thank you, Julien! I will ask my colleague to do the merging steps, and if that doesn’t work, I will remove and reassign per your instructions.


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