removeTag and addTag return Error 502


No matter what I do, removeTag/addTag calls return error 502 with empty body. This error is also returned if task gid is wrong or tag gid is wrong - no difference in behavior (but these gids are correct in the example below).

+++ POST
+++ { data: { tag: '1112350714369403' } }
=== HTTP 502 (took 369 ms)

Other API requests work, e.g. below is the request which succeeded ~1 second before the above removeTag request failed:

+++ PUT
+++ { data: { assignee: ‘1107514444678950’, name: ‘ttt4’, notes: ‘zzz’ } }
=== HTTP 200 (took 1636 ms)
=== { data:
=== { gid: ‘1199173041473565’,
=== projects: [ { gid: ‘1148413888941993’, resource_t…

Here is this task:

Oh. Never mind. I forgot to add /api/1.0 to the URLs. With the correct URLs like /api/1.0/tasks/1199173041473565/removeTag, everything works as expected.

I think what’s confusing here is error code 502. If it was e.g. 404, then it would be an immediate hint that something is wrong with the URL.


Congrats on finding the solution yourself :clap: