💡 Removed values from a drop-down stay on tasks: how to cleverly use it to your advantage?

Let’s say you have a drop-down custom field with options January, February and March. You have tasks using all those values. If you delete the option « January » from the drop-down, tasks which used this value will now display « January ».

Until yesterday, I thought it was only a security fallback to make sure you don’t lose data. Thanks to a client (Cyril :wave:) I discovered a new way of cleverly using this feature.

He created a form so team members can book slots to receive a training. He needed to limit the date options in the calendar within the form, but Asana does not offer this possibility. So what he did was replace the date picker with a drop-down listing all available dates. As soon as a date is filled with attendees, he removes the option from the drop-down.

It has 2 effects:

  1. people can’t see this date as available anymore
  2. all the tasks with this legacy value still display it, striked-through
  3. he can use the same drop-down, all year long, and just remove/add dates as he pleases

How cool is this?


A creative application for sure, but seems like a lot of work to manage the field. I wonder if a Calendly integration would be more fitting?


A Calendly definitely has benefits!