Removed User Detail in Admin Portal

It would be great if there was more detail in the Admin portal, in particular for Removed users. All I can see about a removed user is Name, Type (Removed), and Last Activity. The only action I can take is Restore User. It is not until after I restore a user that I can see their email address, which at best can be frustrating if there are similar names and at worst can be insecure given I don’t know who I am re-inviting. It would great if I could view profile settings, similarly to how I can edit profile settings for Members. It would also be very helpful to be able to see who removed them and when. This would help avoid two admins mistakenly competing without realizing it.

For context, we’re adding SAML integration for sign-on, and have had some duplicate invites sent because of this. We’ve also had some users use a person email address and/or change their name and be issued a new email address, which can make it difficult to troubleshoot when a user is having access issues and has multiple Removed accounts listed with nothing to distinguish between them.

It looks like the Export CSV feature only includes members and not removed users or even a column to identify the member status.


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Anthony_Tamalonis! We recently implemented the options to see removed users and restore users. Our team will plan more updates in the future and this is certainly something we will keep in mind! I’ll let you know as soon as we have more details about these features,

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Thanks @Emily_Roman , I thought this feature looked new. It’s been helpful, but did feel like a guessing game sometimes. Appreciate the response!