Removed an ex-employee, now all their Tasks have been deleted



I needed to remove this user for security, but now all of their posts and tasks are deleted. Is there any way to get this back? This wasn’t something I could have waited to do, it’s very frustrating that there is no clear way to handle it.


Hey @Ed_Fasula, Michael from the Asana support team here.

The good news is those Tasks haven’t been deleted! How to find those Tasks depends entirely on whether you’re a free or premium plan holder. If you have a premium plan, the admin responsible for deprovisioning your colleague should be assigned a Task to a private Project where all their active Tasks “live”. This allows the admin to re-assign those Tasks more easily. More details are are available here:

If you’re operating in a free space, rest assured these Tasks have no been deleted either. They’ve had their assignees removed and have become disembodied, which means this requires you to do a bit of hunting to track them down, a process you’ll need to use the search function for. For more details, clik the following link to our Guide post on the subject, which is are available here:

Hope this helps add a bit more clarity; let me know if you have any questions.