Remove yellow "this task is visible..."


Hi, somebody know if it’s possible to remove the yellow bar when I open a task from “My task”remove_yellow_bar

Thanks a lot


Hi Enric,

This yellow bar does not correspond to My Tasks but rather the project the individual task belongs to. It often appears when a project is private, but the task itself is not. I recommend that you take a look at project settings and adjust the private/public nature of the project if you’d prefer not to see the notification.



The project is public to workspace

This is a view of the task when I open it form project task

and this is a view of the same task accesed by My task

accesing task from my task

I’m not premium user, just free.


Yup, at this time we are unable to remove the yellow bar. If this is an important feature for you, feel free to create a post in the #productfeedback category.


And if you are very annoyed by this I can provide the code to remove it, but don’t tell anyone :grimacing: