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I had a similar issue when I had temporarily downgraded our Asana account from premium to free. I reached out to Asana support and they didn’t seem to care. I understand Asana wanting to ensure customers understand that they are about to be downgraded and lose features, but honestly that banner just pushed me away. Asana used to use top banner notifications that could be removed via the X in the right corner of the top banner. I LOVED those! I liked that those banners in Asana created the perfect balance of keeping their customers informed while maintaining an interruption/distraction-free experience. That prior focus of theirs (they actually used to talk about their distraction-free approach) is clearly gone.

I downgraded temporarily after needing to decrease my business’s budget temporarily following a year of Cancer treatment that took me away from operating/growing my company full time. It was frustrating for me to have the daily reminder of how much my business had suffered due to Cancer with a giant orange banner saying (obviously only in my head) “hey the business you founded and grew from the ground up can’t even afford premium anymore because you got stage III Cancer while pregnant! How much does that suck?!”. Clearly my example is very melodramatic and unusual, but that doesn’t take away from its effects. I still remember it because I downgraded a lot of tools back then, and Asana was the ONLY one that did the obnoxious banner that couldn’t be removed for a prolonged period.


Hi @WideSmiler,

I’m really sorry for the trouble you experienced with Asana while you were personally going through a difficult time.

The banner you’re referring to does disappear 7 days after your downgrade, but there is unfortunately no option to hide or dismiss it in the meantime.

I’ve gone ahead and escalated a report to our Product Team including your feedback. While I can’t promise anything at that stage, I’m hoping to spark the discussion internally so we can improve our user experience in this specific case. I’ll make sure to post an update here as soon as I have some news internally; in the meantime, if there is anything else I can help with, please let me know.

Have a great Monday :slight_smile:

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Thank you :heart_eyes:

We have 5 users on PAID Premium and we too have this obnoxious Upgrade button distracting us all day everyday. The button does not go away and has been there for months now.
We have contacted support and usual response in that it can’t be turned off and our feedback will be passed on… (to where actually I wonder…). I used to recommend Asana to others and I know we’ve been responsible for multiple teams signing up over the past couple of years.

This is not how you treat paying customers - ie. “thanks for the money, but now we’re going to continually bug you for more as the product we sold you isn’t good enough…”.

This really irks me - unfortunately enough to start considering switching elsewhere.
Please listen to your users and paying customers on this.
Please help.



+1 on this, the fact that paid users can’t hide features that aren’t included in their paid tier is very frustrating, as is the permanent upgrade button. How many people have to complain about these issues before Asana will actually do anything about it? We’re new to Asana but the fact that they’ve been ignoring this complaint from paid customers for years doesn’t make me feel good about this decision.

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I would love to use forms but the Asana branding on everything is off-putting. It’s not even subtle. I understand that you guys are trying to get more users but using paying customers’ forms to do it is not a good look. Please remove your branding from forms.

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I downgraded my plan because I didn’t have enough clients to support a paid plan. But I’m totally embarrassed by the fact that a new client who is a collaborator (not a team member) see this message “your asana organization is no longer premium.” It is my opinion that this message should only be visible to administrators and maybe team members but definitely NOT to collaborators.

It’s private billing info being shared with people outside the team. And, it’s in poor taste. It appears to be a shaming method to get administrators to upgrade. This has definitely put a poor taste in my mouth when it comes to Asana.

While I agree with you that this information should really only appear to admin/or when triggered by trying to access a feature locked behind premium, I don’t think they are attempting to “shame” people. If you are using a service for free, you have to expect some form of advertising. They are a company and they need to make money. Every free service I have ever used has had some form of “upgrade for more features” permabanner. Asana’s is pretty unobtrusive from my experience prior to upgrading to business, but YMMV. I doubt other platforms are free of the same upsell techniques.

It’s also not sharing private billing info. Is the collaborator getting your credit card information? No. Generally speaking, data protection laws cover PII and account status in this case does not qualify. I think understanding intent is important here, and their goal is to be a profitable company that provides a valuable service. Sharing billing information would be illegal. Proper word selection is important here.

But, I will second the suggestion of not having that notification show up to non-admin/outside of triggered events.

I understand being in business. Using the phrase “is no longer premium” has a more derogatory connotation than if the phrase ‘free plan’ had been used.

Thanks for suggesting to change the visibility.

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I truly don’t know why my issue was merged with this one. I’m addressing branding as a paid customer, not upgrade notices. Asana is making things more and more challenging to deal with.


really annoying, for those who pay there must not be these banners and visible items

Hi All,

I recommend using the ‘User JavaScript and CSS’ extension for Google Chrome, which you can download from the Chrome webstore here

Click ‘Add rules for this page’ and, if you’re a free user (I recently downgraded) add the CSS snippet below:


Once done, you can continue using Asana as usual but you’ll never see the Upgrade button. The same process should work for all over tiers of accounts, though you may need to tweak the CSS.

Should take about 30 seconds.



I understand why you show new features in Asana that are not available on my package but would love to be able to switch this off for users, don’t mind as admin seeing it but as it is already so hard to train people and accept change.

A lot of time they already so overwhelmed with all the updates and changes to all their cloud services showing them a button they will never use just make my job of getting the users to uses the features that are available to them.

i.e Portfolio’s, Forms and Upgrade Button


I must agree. Because Asana is built on a team subscription basis, it doesn’t make sense to advertise features to users who have no buying power. If Asana offered single seat subscriptions, it would make sense to push these to individual users.
Perhaps Asana is banking on the idea that if enough employees request upgrades to their admins companies will, but I would hope that’s not their mindset.

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Please remove your ads from forms.


There are existing threads on the topic :+1: Probably Remove Upgrade button & Orange banner

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Isn’t that the thread you just posted in…?

I think my message was moved along with the previous answer from another thread :slight_smile: @moderators can you delete both my message and @TylerNow maybe?

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Hiya - any update on this matter? Please remove the upgrade options for paying customers. We will upgrade when necessary. How many complaints do you need? It has been three years since this thread was started.