Remove Time Periods From Goals (i.e. do not force time periods)

I was creating a new goal today for our small team, and was “forced” to use a time period. Our time periods of activities do not correspond to FY. Our success is measured by programs that run anywhere from 2-4 months, not by financial quarters/semesters/years.

So, not only could I not set up the timetable appropriate to our program goals, I was forced to have a timetable, it would not allow me to not have one, and it is obviously incorrect since it doesn’t align with our next program.

Worse, there was a nag screen asking me to set up the timetable for other goals. No thank you!

Please, please, please Team Asana, do not force things like this on your users. It just makes me want to downgrade and be rid of the hassle.

Hi Morgan,
time period in Goals is something what can be changed by your Asana admin in Admin Console. You should ask the admin to adjust the time period according your company needs.

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