Remove the Portfolio Tab from the sidebar for users who haven't subscribed to Business Plan

By way of example I’d rather have “Portfolios” taking up screen real estate if we’re not a Business user. For an initial trial I can understand why you’d want to have it there, so prospective customers are aware of the feature. However, once we decide on what features and edition we’ll use, I’d prefer having a leaner UI devoid of features we’re not using. Otherwise, that part of the screen is wasted on “adware.”

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us @Bill_Doerrfeld; I’ve slightly modified your title to make this thread more discoverable to other Forum Members; hope that’s ok!

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Second that. I also think that the “UPGRADE” link on the top right of the app, if you are already a paying user, is a bit of a let-down…
We know we can upgrade and spend more, there is no need to clutter our environment with a CTA which is NOT relevant.


I agree. Please do remove


I can’t agree more with removing this adware. It’s absolutely possible as I have users who do not see the Portfolios section/tab in the web or ios versions. Do I have to see it because I’m designated as the admin? Please remove Upgrade button and Portfolios.

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I came here to complain about the same issue. I’m already a paying customer. I have two people on my team. I have no need to constantly see links to add more. I do not have any interest in Portfolios because it’s not a feature in my plan and I don’t need it. So why is it the largest of the 4 main navigation items on the left side. I have zero plans to upgrade, it shouldn’t be there if it’s not one of the main features that I can use. Additionally always seeing UPGRADE on the top left does nothing for me when I have no plans or need to upgrade. It doesn’t even make me think about it. It makes me hate the UI for prioritizing things that are USELESS to me. You need to seriously rethink your upselling decisions for the sake of usability. There are others ways to inform and encourage paying customers to upgrade - IF it’s something they want to do. Let me DISMISS these items after i’ve seen them or at least move them to less prominent places!

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I know this is an older thread, but I checked back to see if there was any progress. Now Goals has been added to the sidebar as well. It would be helpful to be able to hide whatever I am not using from sidebar clutter. Thank you for considering this request.

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