Remove task from ORIGINAL project without deleting it



Yes this question has been asked before, but the answer does not work.

I have a task with subtasks and projects it is assigned to. While all the other projects are listed (tagged) the original project it was created in is not. It is merely a breadcrumb at the top. I need to delete it from this original project without deleting the task or removing the other projects it is assigned to. How do I do this?

More detail:
As you can see, it is in the “marketing meeting”, but this isn’t listed as a project it can be removed from, only the projects it has been assigned to.

I think we might need an option to “Delete this instance only” option in the dropdown menu.


OK, here’s what’s going on based on your screenshot…

The task [3] Play with White Font Draft is not actually assigned to the Marketing Meetings project. (In Asana, subtasks do not automatically get assigned to the project(s) that their parent task is assigned to; you have to explicitly assign a subtask to a project if you want it in that project.)

The breadcrumb that you’re seeing at the top of the task pane:
does not reflect the project(s) that the current task is assigned to; rather it’s Asana’s way of communicating to you the context of where the currently focused task lives.

So in your example, the way to read the breadcrumb is, "The current task [3] Play with White Font Draft is a subtask of the task FRI - Marketing Meeting @ 10:00am, which task is assigned to the Marketing Meetings project.

In other words, the currently-focused subtask is assigned to the 3 projects listed at the bottom of your screenshot:
but while its parent task is assigned to the Marketing Meetings project, this subtask is not. So when you say

you can’t do that because it’s not in that project.


Couple of things:

  1. Have you tried accessing the sub-task through CEO Sprint, Home Master, or Marketing Sprint - 6/25 projects? If you navigate through those, Marketing Meetings should be listed as one of the other projects and you can remove it.
  2. Try the drag and drop method. First of all, is Play with Font Draft the one that needs to be moved or is it FRI- Marketing Meeting and Play with Font Draft. Either way, drag the highest level based on what you want moved and drag it to another project.