Remove task from all makes task inaccessible


This may be as-planned, but if I have any tasks assigned to a project, but not to a person, and not tagged, then I remove the project, it deletes from the entire system seemingly unrecoverable. I would assume that all tasks with no association would end up in My Tasks.

Maybe a warning message before any task is removed entirely from the system that states “No project, person or tag is associated with these tasks. They will be removed forever unless you assign something to them. Would you like to do this now?”

At least we would not lose a HUGE list of tasks (as I did) to this “gotcha.”

Perhaps I’m missing something about how the system works? Some other way to recover these tasks lost in the wind?


Hi again @Zak_F (sorry, I’m just clicking through new posts while I’ve got 15 mins spare)

For tasks to appear in the My Tasks list, they have to be assigned to an individual. However, one of the default searches in Asana is ‘Tasks I’ve created’

If you were the one who created the tasks within the project, they should all show up in that search.

The project owner should also get an email notifying them that the project has been deleted. The email contains a recovery link, so you could try that too.

Hope you manage to get your tasks back!


Thanks Mark! It does in fact seem like those tasks are viewable in the “Tasks I’ve Created” search.
However, it may be due to the fact that for this new set of tasks, I assigned them all to me. The first batch was imported from CloudPipes via API, so I’m not sure there was any “owner” assigned. Perhaps this is why they all vanished!

Thanks for the help!