Remove task from a project



Turning a Task into a Project is pretty straightforward, but I do not see how to remove one task from a project without completing it or deleting it. In other words, I still want the task to be there, just not associated with a project.


If you go into the Task, where the project name is shown in the task you will see the edit sign, if you click on that you will be able remove the task for that project.

Just remember if it is not assigned to someone it will go into the unassigned no project task void…

Hope that helps.


Hi Jason,
I’m not seeing the “edit sign” on any task in this Project. See screen shot here: . If I click the little down arrow, that only changes sections within the project. Clicking the little pencil allows me to move it another project but not remove it from “Discuss with Joey”. And clicking the + symbol gives me a drop-down menu, but does not reveal any choices that are “remove from project”.
Any further advice?


Hi Dean,
Before I get to your issue, know you can paste images into your post directly and the community site will handle uploading and hosting it (so you can avoid file sharing sites – Chrome gave me a warning)

For your problem:
You need to click the pencil first when there is only one project on the task:

Once you click that you can click the X or just delete the text:

If you have more than one project it behaves differently and then you’d see the X immediately when hovering over the projects:


Awesome, thanks guys.
Here’s a quick follow-up question. If I remove a task form a project and don’t first assign it to myself (or someone else), where does it go? Jason mentioned this issue . . . that it would go to the “unassigned no project task void”. How does one access that space?


I think you can still find them, if you can do Advanced Searches by entering “Nobody” in the Assigned To field.

If you can’t do advanced searches, I’m not sure what you do.