Remove project list from Later section in My Tasks



When you look at the “Later” section of the My Tasks view, the first thing that shows up is the list of projects. This doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, and is surely not practical:

  • Projects are already visible on the left pane;
  • Projects or their tasks are frequently not for “later”;
  • Most of all, if you have many projects, you have to scroll down a lot to see your “Later” tasks that don’t belong to any project.

My suggestion is to simply remove the project list from the Later section in the My Tasks view.


I personaly almost never look at the Later section. I am curious: why do you go there?


I’m the same. I keep that section permanently collapsed.

@Tiago_Maymone, might you be better off setting up some reports using advanced search? You can have one for all tasks that don’t belong to a project, meaning you wouldn’t have to scroll down.

You could also move any tasks from ‘Later’ to ‘Upcoming’ by using Tab+U, if there are some that you don’t feel belong in there.


If you are afraid of losing a task in Later, just add a Due Date to it, it will come back to Upcoming automatically!


My situation is similar. Underneath the Later section of My Tasks shows No Project and all of the Later tasks are listed under No Project. My Sort is set to None, not to Project. Feels like a bug (I don’t think it was there a few days ago) because there’s no reason for the No Project category to appear and Projects aren’t a sort for any of the other sections. Not a big deal obviously, but visually annoying and doesn’t serve a purpose.


My Sort is also set to None but Later sorts by project, that might be intentional :thinking:


This simply means the tasks in Later aren’t assigned to a project.