remove history from print outs

Recently, the task history is being printed so the printed project is coming out to several pages with all the history. Can I turn that off? I don’t know why its on there now.

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Hi @Ben_Qualls :wave:

As it stands, there is no option to disable the Task Description when printing a Project. You can find more information about Printing a Project in this guide article:

With that said, there is an Asana integration that might offer that solution: I’m going to ping @lpb who can give us more information about it.

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Hi @Ben_Qualls and thanks @Natalia!

It seems like you’re asking about history (perhaps you mean Task Stories; the administrativia of the task) though Naty mentioned Task Description.

Regadless, nothing is adjustable in Asana’s print output Asana2Go doesn’t print the Stories and gives you flexibility with everything else. Among the many standard reports provided are several that show tasks in a simple list format, either just the task names, with subtasks, and/or with description too, and as text or links to the tasks.

Hope that helps,


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Thank you for the clarification @lpb :hugs:

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I’ve been using asana for almost 3 years and just recently this has started so I am wondering what did I do?asana%20print

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