Remove Files Posted in Conversations/Comments


Because the Files view is so hard to work with right now when there are a lot of files present, our team is removing earlier drafts from tasks when changes are made; this causes the file to disappear from the Files view as well to reduce clutter.

However, when a file is attached to a project via a conversation or comment, there’s no way to remove that file from the Files view. Even deleting the comment doesn’t remove it. This feels like a bug to me. Any idea when it will be fixed?


Did you ever figure this out? I deleted a task in an attempt to get rid of a file but even that didn’t work! Do you have any idea how to successfully delete files?


I just had this issue today. It seems now it is possible to to delete an attachment from a Task, but not from a conversation.

I hope this gets fixed up. An attachment with a content error can’t be removed in this case, and uploading with the same name just creates a duplicate file with the same name.