Remove duplicated Tasks in my Reports

Hi everyone, i’m seeing duplicated tasks on my report of High Priority Tasks.

This is an example:
I’ve created one project for Product Management: Project A.
I’ve created one project for Product Tasks: Project B.

In Project A i have this Task “Task 1” which have a subtask “Subtask 1”. This subtask i attached it also to Project B with Custom Field: Priority HIGH.

When i make a report to see all tasks with Custom Field Priority High, it’s showing “subtask 1” two times cause it’s in two different projects.

How can i see it only once? Because it is duplicating tasks. Any idea or tip?

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Hi @Manzur,

“Subtask 1” should only appear twice in your report if the report view is sorted by project:


In this sort view there’s no option to prevent tasks of being listed under each project they are homed. I apologize for the inconvenience.

If you see “Subtask 1” duplicated in the other sort view options, please let me know and I can investigate it further.