Remove colons from Asana API keys

The colon characters in Asana API keys cause parsing issues with CI/CD pipelines (e.g., GitHub - google-github-actions/deploy-cloudrun: A GitHub Action for deploying services to Google Cloud Run.).
It would be very helpful if Asana switched to API keys without special characters.

@John_Baldo you posted today about the fact that the format of the key could be changed any time, you’ll want to know about this I believe

Hi @Nick_Youngblut,

Thanks for bringing this up. Can you point out where this problem comes up in that reference? Maybe provide an example (without using a live token)? Guessing the secrets key=secret pairs?

I don’t do much in YAML myself, but I’m wondering if there is a way to escape colons in YAML. Maybe some of the techniques described here? escaping - How to escape indicator characters (colon and hyphen) in YAML - Stack Overflow